Friday, April 24, 2009

Evidently men have obsessions too...

My husband had to run to Fargo yesterday for a medical check up, and I really wanted to go with him but was unable to.

At this point I need to tell you he’s quite obsessive about a few things (yeah, just like me). He likes a clean garage, but that hasn’t been possible since the Junk Fest craze started five years ago. He also obsesses about our yard and in particular, the lawn. He loves to apply fertilizer and chemical concoctions for the maximum weed-free, thickest and greenest lawn possible. And yet, probably the biggest obsession he has is his charcoal grill. He loves to grill (and sit outside and gaze at the yard while grilling). A few years ago we mutually decided to throw out the flaring gas grill which had ruined fifteen years of meat (his words, not mine), and buy a charcoal one. Every year since then he has bought a new one…you know, bigger and better. I’ve never said anything because he never says anything about what I buy (or how crushed he really is with the current condition of the garage).

Last year’s grill purchase was a very large one, and I remember thinking…good, he’s finally found “the one”. I was even sorta excited for him. But apparently, unknown to me, it wasn’t big enough.

I jumped in the van this morning to go to work, glanced behind me and my eye caught a glimpse of a colorful box in the back end…..what the?! ....don’t tell me...!

You guessed it. A new purchase made while in Fargo. Notice it's the "Pro Deluxe" model...geez Louise... But remember, I ain’t sayin’ a word….

Because...THIS is our garage...well, my side...his side looks worse.


  1. If he needs to feel better about that garage, give me a holler and I'll send you some pictures that would have the fire marshall shutting me down, my insurance man dropping me, and my family blushing with embarassment. The grill looks awesome! haha ~Mindy

  2. Seriously, I can help you out! I can take some of those things off your hands and your hubby can cook me a steak on that new shiny jumbo grill. It's a win-win. (for me-hee hee)

  3. You've got nothing on me girl! You should see our garage!!! HA! I'll have to take some pictures today and post them as embarrassing as it is! And we even straightened up some so we could begin work for a show we have in two weeks! It's the life of a junker...unless ya have a barn, the garage isn't for cars anymore!
    P.S. I enjoy your music picks!

  4. All I can say is... you must be newlyweds! I would have told him to march back to that store and return that sucker. LOL

  5. But you should at least appreciate the fact that he decorates his side of the garage for the holidays. Not many men would think to hang a wreath for color and ambiance.

  6. Andrea, you have nothing on me! I'll show you my garage, basement, attic . . . you get the picture. My husband thinks I need to see a shrink. I told him it goes with the "junking" territory! Besides he's got a ton of car parts on his side of the garage, along with his '55 Chevy. Sometimes you just have to let them have their "thing", just so they don't say too much about yours. LOL!


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