Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A taste of spring, a metal thing, and a project.

I picked up these heavy duty industrial metal light fixtures at a thrift shop recently. They're fairly sizable, measuring about 18" across and 15" high. (guessing a little there) The metal is finished in white with just a few dings to add patina. What transformation do YOU think is right for these? I would love your opinions.
Here's a little peek at a project in the works at my house. Just a peek. You like? I will post the finished product when the time comes.


  1. If you could screw the narrow part that goes ont he ceiling into a base of some type, they could be planters or fruit/serving bowls or even for ice to put cans and bottles into to keep cold.

  2. The industrial light fixture would look great in a garden as a bird bath. mount it on a post and seal up the bottom. It's sounds easy lol;-)

    First time at your blog, love it. I think I'll have follow your blog just to see whats next.


  3. I think if you could add just a tad more height to lights they would make sweet industrial tables. Just get a piece of glass cut and you got an awesome pair of tables! Happy Junking. jojo

  4. hello friends! that good information is obtained in places like this, thank you all for making this a reality

  5. Hi, SweetMelissa! I agree, the light fixture would look great as a bird bath for your garden!

    By the way, I'm glad I found someone else who enjoys shopping at thrift shops. At these shops, I was able to find several useful items like an iron family tree and iron home accents. They are definitely great addition to my living room.


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