Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stay tuned....

We're off! (not our heads) Trailer's hitched, bags are
packed and we bid 'ado to the never-ending winter in
North Dakota. Time for the JunkFest girls to rescue some fabulous things to share with everyone at
JunkFest '09....who knows what we'll find!


  1. Have fun girls! Can't wait to see what you find. Happy Junking!!jojo

  2. Oooh! I'd love a dress form too! Best of luck...and have tons of fun!

  3. I'm looking for a dress form too...there's got to be at least one in Ohio somewhere.

    Have fun loading up the trailer!!!

  4. Ladies it was pure pleasure to spend the day with you all yesterday. Lani, Carolyn and I had a great time with you and I personally am thrilled to call all four of you my friends.
    You each found a couple of super special pieces for yourselves and many of them I had admired on Thursday before you arrived here. Glad you found them.
    Hopefully, you made it home safe and sound with the weather threats coming at you again as well as the trailer light issues.
    Happy Junking my Friends!

  5. Hi Gretchen,

    Thank you for your hospitality!! We had a great time meeting you and Caroline and Lani! It was so nice of you to take the time to show us around...We felt like old friends before the salads were even served!

    We are SOOOOO JEALOUS of you new store site! Thank you for showing it to us...after seeing your creative jewelry creations, we know you will have nothing but success!

    We certainly hope you will be taking a road trip of your own... headed in our direction. September 11th or 12th would be great choices. :)

    I'll be in touch about that custom necklace (something silver, numbered, turqouise & fun) Thanks again for everything! Really, it was so NICE of you all! Lynette

  6. Cute, very cute! It did catch my eye there for a minute :)


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