Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend treasures...

I know, I's not the weekend anymore. The week is more than half over but quite frankly, I was too pooped to post till now. Do you mind if I share just a little taste of my weekend wares?
LOOK CLOSE....SAYS CARRINGTON, ND!!! I know it's a weight, but I wish I knew more about it!!


  1. Awesome haul. Ahh junk is finally in the air. You got some nice rusty pieces(my fav). Happy Junking!jojo

  2. Very cool treasures, Melissa!!!

    How far did you have to go to get the "Carrington born" piece? And that rusty, scrolly piece in the last pic nearly perfectly replicates your blog background!

    Happy Thursday! One day closer to Friday! ;-)

  3. Okay, where's the rest of it? I was with you and I KNOW you have more than that! You filled your trailer, remember?

  4. I am thinking you are bit of a tease. What is the green/rusty thing? Lots of cool stuff and great photography. ~Mindy

  5. Loving it all! And I agree...the photos are fantastic!
    AKA Junk Sophisticate

  6. Absolutely adoring it all! The photos are looking good!! More, more, more!

  7. Missy you made quite the haul. Love all of the pieces you showed and your photographs are wonderful too.
    How cool to find the Carrington, ND piece. Is that a keeper?
    May you find many successful weekends like that before your sale.

  8. S.M.
    OMG. Love. Where are you guys finding all this great junk. ND is a gold mine!

  9. Missy I am very impressed with your blogs and your photos...who knew you gals were such awesome bloggers? We knew you were awesome junkers....but bloggers too? What else?


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