Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Score! Part 2...

On our recent Junk trip, I found a few treasures of my own! I've always wanted an old vintage typewriter and this one was small plus it was in great shape. I love her!
I almost broke my neck grabbing the tag off this cool chair. The picture really doesn't show how neat the rusty patina actually this! Should it be outside? Yeah, probably, but for now I'll enjoy it in my family room.
This old scale is HEAVY, but pretty fun holding soaps and t.p. in my half bath. By the way, the half bath is going to get a much needed makeover soon...stay tuned for that blog in a couple weeks.
Truly LOVE my new topiary! Don't you love the metal numbered tag?! Even looks like real dirt in the pot! Did you think it was a real plant?

You had to know I'd come home with yet another grate...this one came out of a floor. The box looking part is actually the metal casing still attached to the grate. This will probably go outside this summer to display a garden statue.

Last but not least, this neat iron table will be adorable on my back patio. Don't despair fellow junk lovers, I found lots of other neat stuff that'll be SOLD at Junk Fest!


  1. Um can I have all of it please. Just ship it to Iowa. The chair is sweet!!!!! I love it all you girls did some good junking!! jojo

  2. The chair is my absolute fav. I would be clear coating that baby and letting it stay inside. Love it! It's all good! ~Mindy

  3. I LOVE that chair...if it's rusty and dusty it calls to me!!

  4. Andrea, I LOVE the scale in your half bath! Who knew t.p. could be so fashionable?! ARE the queen of grates!!

  5. Oh yeah...the chair needs to stay where it is! How sweet is that! I am loving your finds Andrea. And now the mystery is solved with what weighs more between your soaps and TP! Hehe. So great looking and I can't wait to see your junkified bath redo in the near future.

    Take care,


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