Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Spring Fling" Culinary Event

Welcome to the Putnam House! This beautiful home, built in 1907 by Thomas Putnam for his family, has had many owners over the past century. A few years ago the Carrington Historical Society stepped in and purchased the home which is preserved by them as a cultural center for the entire comunity to enjoy.

Many events are held at the Putnam House which is conveniently located on Carrington's Main Street. Quarterly culinary dinners are hosted here by the twenty-four person Carrington Culinary Club, of which my hubby and I are members of.

Since it was our turn to cook, I thought I'd share a few pictures from last night's "Spring Fling" event. A great time was had by all!

I was in charge of the appetizers...they turned out great! I told the gals I'd take care of the decorations too...the old tool box filled with flowers, old garden tools and my new topiary added to the spring flare!

Cooks in the kitchen assembling the salad. Love the hats, girls!

Here's Alison, Coordinator of the Putnam House, a culinary member and my good friend.

Here are the cooks! Myself, Laurel, Joyce and Ann. Springy clothes and of course, spring hats.

My hubby made the pork loin (which was done on his NEW grill) - it turned out awesome! Ann's husband and mine helped serve the Pomegranate Champagne Punch, assorted specialty beers, welcomed the other culinary members and were our servers for the evening.

I didn't take the best picture of the dinner table, but this will give you an idea. I brought in my fig tree, rusty birdcage, grates, bricks, flowers...rusty get the picture...
had to "junk" it up, of course! :)

Ann's Roasted Asparagus with Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic
was truly fantastic and oh, so colorful.

Here's a close up of my appetizer spread...Beef Tenderloin Canapes with Cucumber Sauce, Shrimp Salsa and Fruit Kabobs with Orange Sauce...yummy!

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures. I'm going to throw my feet up
on the couch now today...I'm exhausted!


  1. Nicely done Andrea! I vote you serve all of the above at this year's JunkFest!

  2. Love how you junked up the place, Andrea, and you look adorable in your hat. That asparagus & tomato dish looks scrumptious!

  3. Mmmmm, looks nummy, Andrea! Wish I could have joined you!


  4. Hi Cassie, oh everything looks so good and appetizing and pretty to boot! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week, Theresa

  5. Oh, Everything looks SO good and you must have all had a blast ! What a great way to usher in Spring !


  6. Everything looks amazing!

    Super suprise!

    You have an award waiting for YOU at my blog! :)


  7. Andrea..what an awesome blog! And how much fun is it to be members of the Carrington Culinary Club? That rocks! I want some pomegranate champagne punch, beef tenderloin canapes with cucumber sauce and especially the shrimp salsa...yum! I want to live in Carrington at the Putnum House...You gal's JunkFest Blog is just fabulous. I am so proud of you gals! Keep up the great work. Can't fait for this year's Junk Fest Sale.


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