Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long Live the Queen!

I've mentioned our friend Gretchen on this blog in the past, and today I wanted to show you one of her recent works of art. Gretchen designs jewelry out of vintage costume jewelry and found items. Recently, she has come up with some very creative, clever, and funky rings. The necklace shown below features a pocket watch medallion with the word "Queen" in it as the focal point. Check out the vintage dice, wooden checker, and sweet little bird...."surprise" elements!

There are many others out there crafting jewelry out of buttons and other found objects, but none quite like the work of Gretchen's, a.k.a. Mimi Toria's Designs. She and Lani from Cottage Elements are embarking on a wonderful adventure, all beginning tomorrow with the opening debut of the French Flea occasional marketplace in Anoka, MN. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, you really must check this out! Gretchen and Lani will be joining several other equally talented women to offer their French-themed vintage items, architectural salvage, and home decor at twice-monthly sales. Visit either blog to get shop info. and future sale dates. You won't be disappointed!
Here's a shot of my great new necklace, shown on Marguerite Joni....that's right, she now has a name. How'd I come up with that? Even though I loved all the suggestions you all gave, I decided on this because Marguerite is the name of my Dad's has such a worldly sound to it, don't you think? And Joni? Well, that's easy.....that's my sister's name and she told me to name her that!


  1. Oh! I love the name! And the necklace is fab-u-lous! ~Mindy

  2. Of everyone I are most worthy of the "Queen" title. What a sweet name for your lady, so fitting. Nice post, and the French Flea looks awesome!!

  3. i LOVE the necklace. i wanna check out her stuff!!


    naturally i love the name... :)

    and my mama too!


  4. Cassie you are awesome girl, and worthy of the necklace. "Queen" you are according to your fellow Junkers, and now you have a fun and conversation talking necklace to go with the title. I'm thrilled you love it, and it found a great home as well with you.
    Thanks for the nice blog post and sweet comments.
    You and Missy have your "Gretchen" pieces, and I promise Andrea and Lynette, I will design yours as well as soon as these first two weeks of the opening of the shop get out of the way, or maybe even sooner. I'm a bit tired, but my mind is still full of designs.
    Thanks again gals for your wonderful friendship we've made through blogland and Junk Market site.

  5. Oooo! Love your necklace! Gretchen does amazing work and I absolutely love this style.

    Fab name chosen for your dress form beauty! This post is just good all around.


  6. Ok, now that I just found out about your mannequins name I take back my comments about you being a mean sister because of the turkey foot in my bed incident....and you are so taking me to see the French Flea Market....Joni

  7. A turkey foot?! No. Really?! man's junk is another's...horror story.

    Love the name for your headless beauty. Very sophistimicated. ;-)

    And I never did thank you, by the way, for Gretchen's link. Tons of eye candy...and good stories about her finds too.

    Happy Tuesday, Cassie!


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