Thursday, April 9, 2009

My turn! Part 3.

It was a very eventful weekend for the JunkGirls! Of course I'm still drooling over everyone elses great junk finds (junker's envy). But here are a few finds of my own...

Enjoy a peek at some of my weekend junk treasures.

Rusty, chippy, old and metal...can't go wrong here.

Aren't these white pots sweet? And I just love the old handmade brooms! After I tucked these in the bottomless birdcage for a photo, I was slightly impressed with myself for the little "arrangement" I had come up with. So I simply slid the birdcage, pots and all back on the countertop to enjoy as spring approaches. Besides, this will surely draw attention away from the toast crumbs on the counter!

Something junky, something blue.

I really thought this rusty cage was TWEET! It'll be even tweeter with a cute little potted plant inside.

We had a great junk bonding weekend, scored some awesome junk finds, met some new junk friends, found a few new good spots to visit and to sum up the weekend....SUPERB!!


  1. You girls are killing me!! You had an awesome junk adventure. I love everything! The bird cages are Tweet! Happy junking jojo

  2. Your birdcages really stand out to me! I'm loving the rust on the one and your impromptu arrangement in the other.

    Awesome girl!

  3. Excuse me....but where were you hiding all those white pots? You are sneaky girl. You know they would have been MINE! Junker's envy strikes again!

  4. Wow, cool finds! You all have amazing eyes! And I can't believe you don't knock each other over to get to some of this stuff. Just leave your sweet arrangement on the counter and then you won't have to clean at all... dirty windows? huh? toast crumbs? huh? cat hair on the carpet? huh? Have a hoppy Easter.

  5. Jenny...we have our "rules" when shopping together! It gets interesting to say the least!

  6. You really do find the best junk!! Wish I could tag along.

  7. What great finds enjoyed your blog!

  8. Superb indeed!!! LOVE the white dish still life. It's oh-so-creative...very artistic. How about a black/white version for some postcards? Maybe postcards could be a whole 'nother venue for the Junk Girls?!

    Happy rainy Easter, Sweet Melissa!


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