Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Does anybody really know what time it is?

My new favorite collection.....old clocks, time pieces, clock faces...love them all!

What are some of your favorite collections?


  1. I love the clocks! I love crowns, bees, birds, Eiffel Towers, nests, and just about anything pink or vintage. So many things....so little time!

  2. Right now? Hmmmm...nautical items, enamelware, iron pieces, vintage cameras. Next week? Who knows!?


  3. I'm currently in l-o-v-e with garden sculptures... whether they're vintage or not... as long as they aren't tacky!

    I also always love birdcages, birds, etc :)

  4. Love the clocks...have you seen the latest issue of BHG creative collections publication "100 Ideas Flea Market Style"? On page 25 they have the sweetest display for vintage clock faces....lovin it! Collect?? I guess I would say, right now, I'm partial to roosters, iron, bird houses & garden pieces. And of course, always dishes :)

  5. I am getting into ironstone. I really, really like ironstone. I'm still looking for clocks for you! ~Mindy

  6. I agree with you...love old clocks! Hey, I wasn't aware you had so many, Cassie! I took your advice and put the "blue" one in my family room; it looks great!

  7. I'm so silly. I love all the cool funky and sweet things I see displayed at your house and in your pictures....does that mean I'll start collecting clocks now!!?? Actually I will make "time" to "watch" for sweet clocks for you!

    My big loves have been birdcages, ironstone pitchers, crockery bowls, McCoy pots, and funky rusty stuff. And you never know what's going to be next!

  8. Hmmm, I've got a ton. Corbels, clocks, white ironstone/pottery, architectual pieces, brown transferware, old rusty farm pieces, chippy furniture. Drives my husband crazy, but I love it all! Great post, Cassie! Everything looks great!


  9. It's 5 o'clock somewhere! ;-)

    Very cool collection! So...besides collecting dust and dirty laundry? Hmm. Quilts, yarn, crystal bowls (not balls), felted bowls, wine corks, Tapout shirts, Dansko shoes.... What a mix, eh?!


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