Friday, May 29, 2009

Let there be light...

Think outside the box when entertaining your guests outdoors this summer. Take normally found indoor objects outside to illuminate a special evening.

This $4 heavy candelabra thrift store find shown here sets the scene for a festive evening on the back patio.

Another idea for additional lighting are candles in old silver jello molds. Sand, pebbles or crystals can be added for more visual interest on the jello mold bottom, but just the reflection of the candlelight off the mold is really all you need. It's actually quite stunning, don't you think?

This white three-tiered candleholder was a Minnesota occassional sale find. I actually purchased two of them. Great finds! Instantly I imagined them warming up my patio on a dark night. They can be easily stuck in a plant like I've done here, in a pail of sand or right into the ground. How fun does this look?!


  1. Andrea, your backyard in summer never ceases to amaze me....I'm on my way with the wine!

  2. OOooooo! That last picture is my very most favorite. Love it! Great ideas. ~Mindy

  3. A,
    Love the candelabra stuck right in the pot of flowers! You guys must not have wind there. My candles have to be in glass or some kind of container...windy city here.

  4. So happy someone else can't seem to resist old silver items and uses them outside just for fun, candelabra's in the garden or around the pond. Great idea for the jello mold, we were about to let ours go at a garage sale...


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