Friday, May 1, 2009

Visual interest...and a few good finds

Just sharing some shots from last weekend's search for goods. I certainly didn't bring home everything I took pics of, although I would have been happy to!

This should appeal to all of you true-blooded rust-lovin' junkers out there!

You know, I hate to even speculate what happened to the poor sap...did he walk right out of his shoes? Was he hung up and left to dry? I don't wanna know.

I did bring this incredible piece home with me....all 2 tons of it! Who can tell me what it was used for?

More rusty metal...gotta love stars!

Sweet Melissa perusing the aisles...she'll soon need a shopping cart!

One final goodie for ya...who doesn't love a dried up turkey foot every now and then....say, hidden in between your sister's sheets? Yes, I actually did that once.


  1. Cassie - you naughty sister. Hiding a turkey foot in your sisters bed? What a hoot you are!
    Looks like you two found a great place to go junking. Love the heavy metal stacked thingamajig you brought home with you. Awesome photos too.

  2. Where were you junkin at? This place looks cool. I'm in Moorhead MN and want to go there!!!!


  3. Wow! You keep coming up with awesome pics! Is the big metal thing some sort of hatchery? (I'm a country girl wannabe so I really want to know.) ;)


  4. Junk, how we all love junk, what fun we can create with junk! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Where was this? Please take me with you next time! Not kidding! We need to plan a trip! :)

  6. Wow!! Score!! I want to go shopping with you girls;) I absolutely love the metal drawer file organizer. I would love to have it. I so enjoy reading your sweet blog. Happy Junking! jojo

  7. Cassie, your pictures are great! Thank goodness that one of me doesn't show that I was drooling uncontrollably. And sorry ladies, some secrets are meant to be kept...but love ya all anyway!

    I still vote that the 2 ton stacked drawers (I think it's 4 tons) is for chicks. Can't wait to find out for sure!

  8. Cassie,
    I know you brought me luck in Vegas, now you have to bring me the goods from ND. That's what we'll have to do next trip. Instead of hauling an empty trailer out here- you guys fill it with treasures for me and we'll swap.

  9. Cassie,
    ...that 2 ton thingamajig sure looks like what we used to hatch our pheasant chicks would sit inside the incubator. We have one similar in Don's shop...storing parts at the moment...but yours looks more narrow and much cuter! I can't believe you two are keeping salvage shop secrets from the rest of us junk-fest girls ...and apparently AWESOME ones at that! Love all the pictures and, no doubt, I will want everything you guys bought!

  10. Mean Sister.....your photos are very good and I was enjoying reading your blog until I came upon the pic of the turkey foot and it brought back a flood of memories.....Other Sister

  11. What a rotten (but extremely creative) sister you are!!!

  12. Cassie, this looks like a place everyone will want to go to, but you may want to keep it your little secret (except for me, of course). Ha! Love the pictures, they're awesome!


  13. I love your two ton piece, hehehe!! You have to let us know what it was used for in its previous life when you find out, Love all the cool junk! Janna

  14. hi everyone!

    ok ... it looks like you girls have a LOT of fun! it makes my mind go whirly thinking of all the things one could do with all that ... junk!

    thanks for sharing everything ~


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