Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out with the with the old!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you look at something like you're seeing it for the very first time? You know, you really SEE it. Well, I had one of those light bulb moments the other day. When I was married in 1986 I received many fine bridal shower gifts. I was thrilled and excited with everything I received and was eager to put them all to good use. This recipe holder was one of them. I really liked it at the time and frankly, I really needed one.
I know what you're thinking...holy crap is THAT thing ugly! I know! But it JUST hit me like a slap in the face! Why in the world am I still using this outdated (much used) box? It's finish is worn (and not in a good way), plus the fact it's too small and doesn't even close tightly anymore. HELLO! Who the heck lives in this house and why is she still living in the 80's?! So, I went searching in my garage junk stash in hopes that some grand idea for a new recipe box would just come to me. Then I remembered I had this...a rusty old tool chest...My recipe cards actually fit inside! Okay, this could be kinda cool looking...what do you think?The other drawers can hold my wine stoppers, wine charms and other stuff...Yep, I think it's a keeper! Time to go spray a coat or two of poly on it and put it to good use!
Man, I love it when that happens...

So, rest in peace my beloved old recipe've been replaced by something that may actually be older than you are...but way cooler!


  1. Way too cool of a piece! I can't believe you hadn't already been using it???

    Ladies, thank you for your sweet comments at the Yaya---and may you all have a loving & beautiful weekend!


  2. Love, love, love this piece. This is just super neat. Good for you to "see" it again for the first time.

  3. That is so cool. Could you check your junk pile to see if you have another one of them, please. I got to have one, the search is on.

    Really Great Post!!


  4. What a great box just to be hanging around your garage!! Now you can put it to some good use. What is it with boxes with little drawers we love so much??? Great save!


  5. Hey Andrea what a great post and fun find. I think I remember these recipe boxes. Your new one, is way cooler. Great re purposing as always. Love it.

  6. Andrea, I've noticed your house is getting a little more "rusty" all the what are we going to do about that, huh? We're gonna LOVE it! That's what!!

    I think I need you to help me find some "uses" for my junk pile too. You have great vision.

  7. Lucky you, and way cool. Whenever I find "JUNK" it's that, something that I don't want and nobody else wants too. I've always loved storage boxes--to hold trinkets in etc. Love your blog,

    Linda @ Kindlelight Blessings

  8. Very cool. All good things take time.

    And those other drawers in your *new* chest? Perhaps they'll be a good place to store the chocolate? Your guys would never look there, would they?

    Happy Mother's Day, Andrea!

  9. Good idea about the chocolate, Darcie! LOL! Happy Mother's Day to all of you ladies too and thanks for following our blog...we are enjoying it and getting to know you all. Take care, Andrea

  10. Very cool and you have inspired me to try and find something new to hold my recipes in. They are shoved in an overflowing binder. Meanwhile, we are busy gearing up for our montana junk fest!

  11. LOVE it, Have a great week, Tootles, Janna

  12. It's definitely a keeper! Would make a great sewing chest, too. Karen


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