Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little Junkin' time!

Ever just had an find some junk!? Even finding a few small items is exciting and keeps that junking fever alive. Here are just a few things I've found recently...
I think these are actually glass votive holders for some this would be my "mini" cloche repurpose! This appears to me to be a napkin holder. Anyone know for sure? I thought it would work nicely for recipe cards, photos, or even to make those unsightly bills look good while waiting to be paid. OR...a resting place for a fun greeting card.

Now, this one I have some FUN ideas for! Perhaps that clip could hold your mammo appointment reminder!!

And these poor silver goblets got caught in the middle of a "junk" scandal. You see, one junk girl saw them at the thrift store, was in a hurry and forgot to grab them on the way to the till. Well, said junk girl mentioned them to friend junk girl on the phone the next day....then panicked that they would be gone at the end of the called the thrift store and had them put behind the counter. Said junk girl had no ill intention of keeping them from junk sista by doing this, just a junk fever, you see. Then...friend junk girl brought said junk girl a bag of fresh baked monster cookies. NOW I FEEL GUILTY.


  1. omg i love it all.
    dont feel bad...
    finders keepers... ;)

    seriously, great stuff!

  2. Good junk AND monster cookies? You're living the life aren't you? ;)

  3. You're so whitty! Love all of the good junk and the whole story behind the goblets...and the monster cookies. Which leads me to wonder...just what would *friend junk girl* do for say...a bottle of wine?!

    Love the wall treatment behind your...ooops...*said junk girl's* goblets!

  4. OMG I love EVERYTHING you found!! Totally awesome stuff! The sconces/cloches are ADORABLE with the little cubes under them! The wire deal is a HOOT!!

    Wow...the silver goblets...I'd be fighting you for them if it was me!!! CUTE-OLA!!

  5. Ahhh. The goblets are amazing! ~Mindy

  6. I've admired your blog from a distance and just gave you an award! Visit my blog to find out about it.

    Thanks for your inspiration!



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