Thursday, May 28, 2009

Six things about me?

My dear friend, Cassie, a/k/a fellow Junk Fest 1/4 partner-in-junk, has tagged me! You darn girl, you! Gosh, I guess I need to come up with SIX people to "tag", mention them here and notify them on their blog, along with revealing six things about me. This is darn hard, people!

Well, first up I'll try and come up with six things about me...hmmmm...

1) I have been happily married for almost 23 years. Holy smokers! I wonder if he's still happily married? I bet he would be if I'd move my junk from his side of our garage! Sorry, dear!

2) The boys. We've got two of them and they are the true joy of our lives. What the heck did we do before they were born? Five idea what we did. We are the type of parents who refuse to re-live our childhoods through them, know what I mean? It is their life and they need to live it; we are just trying to lead them down the right path. (Cross your fingers; it's a work in progress).

3) I am the 6th of seven children, raised on a farm with a strict catholic up-bringing. Even so, we had A LOT of fun! I am especially close to my three sisters and to my youngest bro. He and I played together and got along great, as long as he played what I wanted! Poor guy; dolls and all. I like to think we were preparing ourselves for our having boys...and he has two girls! We named our second son after him.

4) I have worked for the same company for 24 years! Most days I actually still like it, which also amazes me.

5) I am licensed to sell crop and hail insurance in the State of North Dakota. Sounds like no big deal? Well, picture me with a kid on each hip at the time, trying to study for a test I was told loan officers flunked many times...I must love pressure cause I passed it on the first try! That STILL amazes me.

6) Wow! #6 already? I may just make it! I love wine. Mostly Moscoto's and late harvest Rieslings. Also love Italian food. Fortunately it goes well with wine.

7) Cassie, your family really left you at a rest stop? Ouch.

Alrighty, now MY turn to tag some of my favorite folks! Thanks for being you!

1) Sweet Melissa @ Junk-Fest, my junk sista on this site!
2) Mindy @

Happy blogging!


  1.'re saying that you were not only a childbride...but perhaps a toddler when you were wed?! Andrea. Tsk tsk.


  2. YOU? Wine? You're kidding! Ha!

  3. Awe, shucks. Thanks so much for tagging me. I love reading about everyone, and sharing bits of your lives. I hope you don't mind if I ponder my answers till Sunday nite or Monday...I took some Benadryl to get a good night's sleep and I may be getting silly soon so best not to jot down my answers now!

  4. fabulous list! :)

    way to go on passin' that test first try as a mama!

  5. Fun can I top that...thinkin' to do.


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