Sunday, May 24, 2009

A couple cool junk pieces...

I was fortunate to find a couple neat junk pieces a week ago. First up for show is this old rusty scale...I just love it! According to my father-in-law, it was used for weighing grain sacks. It looks pretty neat holding a hanging plant in my front yard.
Okay, I am NOT into old wash tubs, but this is a small petite and perfect for holding a potted plant...I even planted some flowers in the part where the wringer used to be...
And, this could certainly hold drinks and ice at my first back yard party this summer...We junk girls hope you are having a HAPPY and SAFE Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Love your old Howe scale girl...just perfect for hanging your pots from..May you have a wonderful memorial day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Love the scale you are using for a flower display. Very innovative and so cool.

  3. Andrea, these are both great! And I have no doubt that your yard will be fabulous again this year with awesome junk and beautiful flowers.

  4. Very cool scale! Love it! I'm soooo jealous. The washtub is cute, too. Love that it's smaller than those huge ones you usually see. Awesome job!


  5. Love...Love...LOVE...the old scale and the old wash tub and all of your junk finds! So very fabulous!Just found your blog. Will visit often.


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