Thursday, February 5, 2009

Junk Girl Jewels

Every junk girl knows that the gettin' of good junk isn't just about the's also about looking good while gettin' the haul! Thanks to Tamra Kriedman, one of our flea market vendors at last year's JunkFest sale, we can look good all the time in this great Junk Girl fused silver bracelet that she custom made. You can find more of Tamra's work here, or at JunkFest '09...or just flag down one of your favorite JunkFest girls for a closer look!


  1. Ladies that is TOOOO COOOOOOLLLLL! Maybe we can get her to make one for the "junkin' yaya" store? ;)

    Take care and have a beautiful & creative weekend ahead! xo...deb

  2. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my "junk girl" bracelet!!! I went for a different look with a braided band and Tamra's specially made glass beads. Did I say I LOVE it? And yes, she makes custom pieces!

  3. Hi gals! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving kind notes. I have now read all of your blog and watched your slide show. Wow! Your Junk Fest looks awesome! I saw a lot of really cool treasures there.

    I had to Google Carrington because it sounded familiar to me for some reason. Last summer on the way to a reunion in Canada, we drove through Carrington after spending the night in Jamestown.

    I'll be back -- I am enjoying your blog and your projects.

  4. Hey I am popping over from Junkmarket, and i am glad i did. Great projects here. I love the typewriter table--I have the same one so I may have to copy! I put chalkboard paint on one that I had and it sold right away. I also love the mailbox table! I will be adding you to my site and be bloglining you.

  5. Me and my girlfriends are dying over this bracelet!! Do you have her contact info, we have got to have one !!! Thanks for visiting my blog, Have a Nice day !

  6. You can contact Tamra at to check into getting a bracelet for yourself....Tell her the Junk-Fest girls sent ya!! Lynette


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