Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When the fish go belly Ode to Valentine's Day

Cupid's holiday will soon be here, and girls....we need to be ready! Hang on to those fish bowls after Nemo finds his way home, 'cause they make great vases! Mine happens to fit nicely in this chippy black iron plant stand that I found at a fabulous flea market in Colorado.

Vintage tins, such as this Cracker Jack tin make great vases as well, but you'll need to insert a liner or smaller vase inside since most aren't water-tight.

My favorite option is a vintage sterling silver trophy. Whether it's newly polished or left to tarnish, the mix of sterling silver with fresh flowers is so romantic!
Which is your favorite?


  1. i LOVE the fishbowl...

    heck i love them all..

    your arch in the last pic is to die for!



  2. I have to go with the trophy! I think its the architectural features around it that add to its beauty!

  3. OOOOOOOOhhhhhhh, I love them all!! I especially love the fishbowl -- more room for flowers!! LOL!!

    I love the shelf in the last photo...architecture!

  4. What great ideas. Now to score me some flowers as hubby doesn't do the flower thing to often--he is Mr. practical--to him flowers don't have a use

  5. Oh man! Now I gotta have some red tulips!

  6. Drool, drool, drool.

    Jeez, I wonder...might have to buy myself some valentine flowers....but would they look that good in the dog dish???? Can I borrow your trophy? :)

  7. Love the old vintage can for a vase! How nifty! I would have never thought about the trophy! GREAT IDEA!

  8. What great ideas! I love the fish bowl vase in the stand...really makes it "stand" out. Thanks for stopping by my party. Hope my girls didn't scare you off. They are a crazy bunch! Debbie

  9. Don't ya just LOVE finding new and creative ways to display fresh flowers! Thank you for sharing....and maybe it will get the ladies going out and picking or buying their own fresh flowers every day or so....and not having to wait for a "special day"! ;)


  10. I love the silver trophy turned vase, and of course covet the cool architectural piece surrounding it. Magazine worthy photo.
    Love all of the ideas, and am now kicking my self for not picking up that red/white $1.99 vintage tin I saw at GW this week. Would of been perfect of Valentine's Day, however I'm not so much of a red girl so let it get away. Shucks!


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