Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Junk Fest treasure found!

Hey, how CUTE is this?! The other night as I was looking through my old pictures, I got to thinking...I wonder what ever happened to that adorable wine labeled drawer I sold at Junk Fest a couple years ago? And, more importantly, why the heck didn't I take a picture of it?

As good luck would have it, at a recent Culinary Club dinner it dawned on me that maybe one of the other club members had bought it. After some discussion she verified that yes, she had purchased it! I made a quick stop to her beautiful, cozy home and just sighed with delight when seeing the cute drawer again! (Yes, I've been down this road before and sound like a broken record, but: WHY did I sell it?) Then, even more fun was seeing it sitting on top of the cute wine crate sold the same year. Even though I just recently posted the wine crate, I knew I wanted to show all you junk lovers just how great it looks in her home. Plus, how adorable are the two pieces stacked on each other - HELLO - great idea! She's an awesome decorator with wonderful taste (wink, wink) and I am so delighted she is enjoying her Junk Fest purchases!


  1. This wine rack and drawer are too cute! Angie

  2. Wow and wow again. The drawer on the rack is a wonderful marriage. I'm glad you posted this! Inspirational! ~Mindy

  3. Playing catch up reading your blog posts. This is such a great project. How fun that you were able to track it down again and take photos to post on your blog. You best tell that lady one big "thank you" from the blog land junkers.


  4. Andrea, we've all had those moments of regret, because let's face it, this stuff is awesome! But isn't it great when we know it goes to a good home??!! Wouldn't it be just fun to have the opportunity to see what wonderful things our shoppers are doing with their new treasures!


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