Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Listen up people, this is some serious fun.

Isn't it true, really? That life should be all about having fun? We don't think so, we know so! Today's blog takes a peek back at some of our fun junkin' times. It's no secret we search high and low for junk. Fortunately for us, many people want to get rid of their old stuff. We are thrilled when they call and they are thrilled to have us haul it all away to junk heaven. In reality, it's simply just "search and rescue". This photo shows the smiling faces of Cassie, Missy and Andrea. (Lynette was snappin' the photo). The huge smile on Missy's face is because she drew "first choice" of junk that day and knew the cow was hers. Cassie is actually about to knock the cow out of Missy's hand with the lamp, cause she wanted it even more. We're not sure why Andrea's hairdo looks like 70's rocker, Peter Frampton, but perhaps it's because on this particular day it was over 90 degrees. This is tough work, people!

Thanks, Cassie. Andrea has always wanted a lampshade hat, especially one that matches her sweat stained shirt. Oh, and Lynette wants the lamp.Another day, another junk haul. Here we are in Missy's barn, dividing up the loot from a sweet farming couple. Thank you, God, for people like them. We are so glad their grown children thought it was all a bunch of...well, crap. Guess what? It wasn't!

Another photo opportunity...the four of us splitting up more junk out at Cassie's place. Pretty darn big smiles for such a chilly day, but a junk girl's gotta do, what a junk girl's gotta do!

Here we are in the back of Cassie's trailer...loaded to the max! We took a jaunt to Minnesota last fall and it was well worth the trip. Ever heard of male bonding? That's peanuts compared to junk girl bonding...it's a MUST DO.
Here's our loyal and faithful driver, Cassie. What would we do without her big city driving ability? She's the woman! And let's not forget her 500' trailer! No kidding, it's awesome too! We're pretty sure Lynette could handle driving in the big city also, but Missy and Andrea admit...they are major wimps!

Okay, people. We are having fun. Some serious fun.


  1. Oh, heck! I'd drive you guys anywhere as long as you keep me in the laughs and good junk!! We've had some great laughs...and a tetanus shot or two along the way!!

  2. The cow's all mine...ALL MINE, I SAY! Bwahaahaha!!!

  3. You said it, Andrea!.....the scavenging is ALWAYS fun!

    I think I can smell a road trip in our future!!

  4. Don't you just get that feeling in your chest? It's almost like that heart attack feeling, because you've just hit the mother load and just can't wait to make claim to it? I got it just looking at the pictures!!

    Thanks for the junk trip, when there isn't one in my future for another month or so!!

    ....and cyndi lauper is perfect here.......

  5. Oh boy, I love junk, too! One of my favorite things here in AZ is "open container" trash day. My husband rolls his eyes and pretends he doesn't know me but I don't care. I can tell you some serious junk stories from my years living back in super-rural Ohio but I don't want to make you too envious. Thanks for the fun blog.

  6. What fun! I am the only junker out of my friends. I do have one close friend that likes thrifting and garage sales, but she looks for different things, which is sometimes good. That's one reason I like blogging so much--people get my love of junk in the blog world! great song to go with the post!

  7. Hi girls !

    Oh this looks like so much fun! I have always wondered this question. . . . WHERE do you store all your treasures through out the year ' till Junkfest ? Wait. . .if you told me you'd have to kill me right ? ha ha. . .just like if I told you which little town over by Cooper that I have my stuff in !

    I hope Jenny (commented above ) sees this comment. . . . . Another great junking place is an Army base. . . we were out in New York a couple of years ago, and they had a pick up day. . . OMG ! The stuff THEY throw away ! You have all these people that move in and others the move away. . . and they either can't take it with them or it doesn't fit where they live anymore. . . we had such a junk frenzy over there. . .it was so much fun. . . we had me and the DIL in one car, and DH and DS in the other vehicle. . . DIL drove and I shone the flashlight. If it was too large for us to grab, we'd call the guys and have them pick it up. . . ya, it is cheap entertainment. . where is some of that good junk now ? some where over by Cooperstown. . . . ha ha ( sorry )

    Am heading for the Quilt show up in Devil's Lake this weekend, we plan on stopping at the quilt store in Carrington and isn't there one in New Rockford now too ? IF so. . . any of you know where it is and could you let me know?

    By the way, my daughter is a friend of Anne's and is heading out west in March for the big event !

    Thanks,& great posting !

    Beth in Jamestown

  8. Hey, Beth, you know your secret's safe with us. No, really, we won't tell a soul, really! Which direction from Cooperstown did you say...what? I can't hear you!

  9. Yes, there is a new quilt shop open in New Rockford...called "3 sisters" or something like that. Not sure of the location, but if you stop by the Bakery (almond croissants, glazed doughnut holes...MMMMM!!!) or the Latte Lobby for a coffee or fruit smoothie (try the blueberry- pomegranate...it tastes like blueberry pie in a cup!), I bet they would know.
    ....or just drive through that little town and I bet you'll come across it pretty darn easily! :)

  10. Cassie, I am seeing a lot of cool things! It looks like y'all have fun together. That always makes things fun. ~Mindy


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