Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where's WALDO...err...ummm...BAXTER!!

Sharing an older post for a special reason.  Donna over at Funky Junk is having a Pet Party in honor of her Teddy kitty that she lost this week.  Linking HERE
This post is about Baxter.  We lost him to an unexpected sudden illness recently, and we still find ourselves remembering his quirky personality...and missing him often. 

Look into those eyes. Could that be anything but pure LOVE. What sweetness, what innocence. How could you NOT trust a face like that. Meet Baxter. 4 year old bassett hound. We decided to give a little...no, a lot of trust to him and let him roam the house while we were all away at work and school. We've given him these chances before. He faultered a bit and we had no choice but to resort back to confining him while we were away. Although, when we would get home he was sooooo sad...those eyes, so sad. So, another chance. Some rules, a "don't you even think of being bad" and his wagging tail assured us that he would be on his best behavior.

Well today, he was at the door to greet us with that sweet look of innocence. Oh...Good Boy! Wait a minute. What's that? A nutrigrain box. No, that's an empty nutrigrain box! It was FULL this morning. The look of innocence is fading away as he realizes our discovery. He slowly and sneakily (is that a word) makes his way to hide under the coffee table. The Cat didn't see a thing. Rudy's not talking. This all leaves some unanswered questions. Where are all the nutrigrain bars???? We found them, but it was like an Easter Egg hunt. The box holds 8 bars, and they had been cleverly hidden in 8 different locations throughout the house...still in the wrappers, but a little crumbly.

Can you spot them???

But the poor thing, he felt sooo bad. And worked sooo hard to hide his treasures. Clever dog. I was so impressed by his determination......I scolded him....then gave him a treat. A NutriGrain Bar!!!!

And what does this post have to do with junk?

NOTHING! heehee



  1. ha!
    well at least he's getting his fiber!


  2. According to Baxter's eyes, I'm guessing those Nutrigrain bars were spiked! That would also explain kitty's state. Gotta love those furry family members.

  3. Looks to me like a cool piece of junk shown in the last picture with Baxter...you know I love it! (hint, hint) BTW, that dog should be in movies, look at that face!

  4. Oh that's TOO funny......Poor Baxter..he was just trying to hid some treats for later. He's OBVIOUSLY trying to maintain his boyish figure. It's amazing he had the willpower not to eat them,just to hide them. He's a hoot!
    I popped over from Debi's Blog, the Junkin Yaya. I like your blog and will be back! Happy New Year from Houston,TX.

  5. What a face! I think he may have been hinting something to you. Is one of the bars hidden right around some fabric? ;-) Hmm? Fiber? Get it? "Good dog, Baxter." ;-)


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