Monday, February 9, 2009

To WINE or not to WHINE?

Yes, this winter really stinks up here in Central North Dakota. The weather is all everyone seems to be talking about and yes, WHINING about. On my drive home from work, it actually got me to thinking about another kind of whine…oh yes, baby, the much better kind spelled W-I-N-E…it always cheers me up!

As some of you blog readers know, Lynette and I started out together as junking partners-in-crime before Junk Fest was “founded
” by her, me, Cassie and Missy. Lynette previously blogged on this site about a fabulous wine cart we created together, both LOVED and ultimately sold. Damn, why did we sell it? It was truly a “one-of-a-kind”. Yeah, there have been things sold we
do regret. Especially alot of of our wine creations. Shown here are a few other wine items sold at Junk Fest…just call it looking back at a few wine memories...

Here's an awesome wine cork frame created by Lynette a couple years ago. That's a wine label in the middle.

This piece, believe it or not, was an old dilapidated dresser ready for the wood pile. Missy transformed it into a wine cabinet...amazing save, huh?!

Yes, wine items are a hot ticket at our annual Junk Fest sales...and that's NOTHING to whine about! Cheers!


  1. Those are some fun pieces! The cork frame is awesome!

    I agree with you, have a glass (or 9) and enjoy the winter!! LOL!


  2. Great ideas for wine carts. You four ladies are truly talented. I'm so glad to have been in touch with you all through Junk Market Styles website.
    I do believe that Spring will come to Minnesota and even North Dakota. There were some days when I wondered about that.


  3. Listen up's no easy task drinking all that wine just to use the corks, labels, etc, but we're willing to go the extra mile for our junk followers!

  4. Definitely to wine! Wine stuff always sells well for me too! Speaking of, think I will go pour myself a glass of red and sit in the hot tub.


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