Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

While on a leisurely stroll with my mother one summer day, something caught my eye as we were walking past a garbage pit....gingerly dodging freshly "planted" cow pies! Did I mention this walk was in my parents' pasture behind their farm? Anywho...we changed direction and headed over to said pit to check out the potential treasure just ahead. What I found was the base of an old cast iron mailbox, with the perfect amount of rust on its once white patina. It took me a minute to realize what it was, and several more minutes to muscle it out of the pile! Well worth the effort, don't you think?

Once I decided I had to have this baby, I had to walk back to my vehicle (10 miles, uphill both ways) and drive to the nearest gate....then came the "hoisting" magic trick my mom and I concocted to get it in my car. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit...but it is heavy.

Once home and cleaned up (you can't imagine what I found inside....remember, we're in a pasture!) I added a layer of rubber cement to the top rim and put some scrapbooking paper on top of that. With a purchased glass piece from a hobby store, it makes the perfect accent table in my bedroom, where it prominently displays a pic of my mom and me!


  1. Touching story, great piece, I can tell it means a lot to you............WANNA SELL IT???
    Ha Ha Ha

    Lovin the peppy new music, takes the winter blues away! Lynette

  2. Great piece!! Is there more pieces to pull out of "the pile"?

    I see you're on Junk Market Style now........saw it over there, too!! I like this story much better!! LOL!

  3. thanks for the invite to come over, girls. I really enjoy coming to your Junkfest each year, and usually come home with some treasures. . . and for sure get to see alot of cool things ! I have learned that there is no "thinking it over" if you think you might want something at Junkfest, you better grab it. . .cause it won't be there when you come back ! Glad you are around and it certainally is a destination spot, and a day out for us Jamestown girls. We don't load up the car with girls anymore tho, because then there isn't room for our JUNK on the way back ! Some of them have to find their own way up to Carrington !

    I love the little black bookshelf I got last year, I had never seen one so little, but it is just the right size for so many places.

    A couple years ago I bought a tall willow basket and it fits perfectly under my repurposed butcher block kitchen island ( top is maple butcher block from a special workbench, DH cut out the oily parts so just the good part was left, and it sits on top of 4 fancy turned legs from an antique dining room table. .. I should blog and picture about it sometime. . . anyway, the basket makes a perfect "pantry" for many things. . . so thanks for that too !

    alright. . . this is getting long . . come over and visit me sometime. . .I plan on having more quilts on and also more T2T. . .



  4. Hey, one more thing. . . I see Joni is a follower. . . she is my old neighbor from Jamestown. I see she doesn't have an email on her profile, could you send her over to my blog and ask her to contact me? Tell her that it's Ariel's mom.




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