Monday, February 23, 2009

To Junk or Not To Junk...

That is the question. Who am I kidding...that's really not a question at all! Of course TO JUNK is the only answer.

Unless we hurry and do as Cassie suggests in the previous post , problem is junking is a wee bit scant here in the heart of ND during this thing we call winter. (it's like constipation...nothing moves fast right now) We don't have tons and tons of shops around the corner like some of our lucky blog friends do. We're into rip-your-jeans, get-your-hands-dirty, spiders-in-your-hair, dig-reach-stoop-bend-push-pull, good-old-grimy, go-where-no-man-has-gone-before, then get-a-tetanus-shot type junking. To our dismay, that's all pretty much buried in snow right now. Heck, even our workshops our piled high with snowbanks. We'd have to be dropped in with a helicopter just to get to our stash.

So, what do we do to bide the time? Blog, of course. But for Cassie and myself one of the next best obsessions is quilting. Quilting kind of goes hand and hand with good junk....start with a pile and end up with something beautiful! This last weekend Cassie and I joined my sisters and a good friend for a weekend getaway quilting retreat. How could you go wrong with that! With meals prepared for us, a quilt shop set up in the corner, and chocolate a-plenty what more could a girl ask for? Duh, a massage therapist! We had that too. :)

It was great! We wore our slippers all day...stayed up late (yes, that's A.M. on the clock, and we really thought we should stay up a bit longer)

The cold winter view was great from the warm side of the window!

But it's just not all fun and games here. Sometimes we have to think real hard (like my sis in the pic).

And we use some real dangerous tools, but thank goodness, because if we need assistance, Cassie can call out on her fancy "grid" phone!

The hard work, the laughter, the late nights, the chocolate, the massage all pays off, because we all come home with some great quilts! They look great in our houses, make wonderful gifts, and of course, look fabulous draped on a marvelous piece of junk!


  1. This reminds me of scrapbooking weekends...staying up late, chocolate and LOTS of laughs! ALMOST as much fun as junking! Andrea

  2. Now, that is a talented group of folks you hang with! If my sister and I did this, we'd have 5 sided quilts with chocolate and wine stains everywhere! And stories to tell, I'm sure! haha ~Mindy

  3. Hey, funny you should mention tetnus shots. . . I just got my "refill" last week ! 'Cause I am pretty sure I will be glad I did come this summer !

    Sounds like the retreat was a blast ! We went up to the Devils Lake quilt show in that NASTY weather on Friday. .. and stopped at the quilt shop in Carrington, AND at the new one in New Rockford ! Thanks for the directions. . . and we hit it off great. . . in fact, if you head over to my blog you can see a store sample that I just quilted up for her. . ( the Cowboy quilt ) . Anyway, one of these years I'd like to go to a quilting retreat. . . Anyone heading to the Minot Quilt show in a couple of weeks ?

    later. . Beth


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