Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wine, candles, and thingamabobs...

Who said you can't hang a chandelier over a basket of potatoes? I thinks I can! And I did!

I have this cutsie metal cart in my kitchen that serves as my "wine central". Complete with a minnow bucket that chills the wine nicely when filled with snow, (no lack of snow here right now) a wood tray turned chalkboard, a rusty pulley (there for no reason other than I love rusty stuff), a wood toolbox turned wine glass caddy, and some thingamabobs.

You know, THINGAMABOBS. Those cute little vintage receipt holders that you could poke your eye out with. Two of the thingamabobs are holding wine charms, and the third is holding a copy of a cherished photo. I've added wine corks to the tops of course, so I don't poke my eye out!

Under the metal cart is a rusty metal basket that works perfect for potatoes and onions.

On a recent trip to a Grand Forks antique store I found the neatest candle chandelier...and I don't care if it's replica or genuine....cause it's CUTE! Hung it with an old metal bracket, added some votives (what I had on hand), and viola! There's just nothing like "junking" up a house!!


  1. i love the thingabobs! i love displaying photos creatively....and have never thought of those! i think there's one somewhere in "the room"! very cute wine bar - "junk" just adds the element and i'm glad not everyone knows that, or we couldn't have all of our junk! lol!

    ~ Cindy

  2. Okay, I see why you wouldn't sell me the looks cuter than shit there in your kitchen! OMG I love the chandelier. You're a snot...(you know I mean that in a good way) Nice post. Luv ya!

  3. Ohmygoodness!!! Don't you ever get tired of being so doggone clever?!?! ;-) WAY CUTE!!! I cleary have to go scouting through our "junk" farm this spring. I think we may just be living in a goldmine...junk-wise.

    LOVE the pic of your Mom and Dad!

    Hugs-a-plenty to ya!

  4. I love that tea cart! I only have about a million places I could use it! Thanks for the comments, I have had the flu, and have gotten behind in my blogging - its always good to hear from a friend, Angie

  5. Sweet Melissa dear,
    I LOVE your chandlier!! How nice to have it in your house!!! And your tray!! You do a wonderful job with all of your stuff dear!!

    Want to come to my house??? I could use all of you girls' help!! :D
    Come on over anytime for a visit... I will put the coffee pot on... and make sure I have baked something good to go with the coffee!!

    I hope your all having a wonderfully blessed day!!
    Debi xo

  6. looks so amazing!!

    I'm hosting a giveaway @ my blog...stop by and check it out!

  7. What a cute cart and that chandelier is sweet!


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