Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's a taste of what I found on our junk get-away this past weekend....
feeders of all kinds seem to go fast at JunkFest. Can you just picture some sweet white bacopa trailing out of the little chick feeder....and maybe some pansies in the larger hand-crafted one? These will be a great addition to my summer patio.

Not sure what this metal & wood piece may have been used for, but I forsee a wall mounted magazine holder in its future. Do you know what it is?

Who doesn't love architectural pieces, especially in shabby, chippy white? Notice the light green knob on this perfectly patina'd metal table...perfect for the garden shed. And the silver drink holder will come in handy for serving lemonade on the porch this summer.

I thought this wire basket would work well for incoming mail, or even to hold scrapb00king papers in a craft room.

I'm seeing lots of framed pics of birds and botanicals this year...these will look great once they've been cleaned up. And who knows what the 3 matching frames will hold? The little black frame holds a tattered piece of ceiling tin. The rusted lantern form will become a great bird feeder with a vintage plate attached inside. My birds like to dine in vintage style!

I love this rusty and green little side table...might find its way outdoors this summer to hold that lemonade, who knows! I have a thing for silver, so I had to have the cute little sterling silver creamer...it's pefect for holding business cards! The pewter vase will look great with my very small collection of vintage trophies...even though I'm fairly certain it's just a vase! The glass cloche is housing a sweet single shaker that looks a bit like the Eiffel tower.

More than one scale was purchased on this trip, but here is my find...a great little black number with just the right amount of rust! Right now it's holding some of the cutest little pullies I have ever seen! Love the science jars with glass stoppers...and of course the cordial glasses will be put to use celebrating something or another!

Are you ready for my absolute favorite find of the trip? I haven't named her yet, but I'm feeling something French perhaps. Send me your suggestions...I'd love to hear "who" you think she looks like!
I've been wanting a vintage dress form for a while now. Haven't seen too many with the metal skirt attached. She almost didn't make it home with me, but with some "gentle persuasion" from my partners-in-crime, we found a spot for her in the back of the burb.

Stay tuned for more pics from our excursion! We left some junk behind, so I think we'll be headed back some day!!


  1. Oh I'm so envious that you found the dress form! Lucky girl. :-) I think her last name should be Rue! ;-)

  2. I LOVE the pewter vase. Mad, crazy, lustful love. And the dress form is GiGi. The black framed ceiling tile screams my name, too. Great stuff! ~Mindy

  3. Score is right! I love everything you found and oh what a great trip you must have had! Your rusty green metal table is terrific and I have just the right spot for it. ;)

    ...I think your newly purchased shapely figure looks like a Lady Sophia.

    Take care,

  4. Great finds ! Looks like you gals had a productive weekend !

    DH and I are wondering if your red metal and wood piece might be some kind of grain or seed sieve or sifter ? and I am getting a telepathic message from Miss Dress Form. . . "Josette"


  5. I want to go shopping with you! You found the best treasures - I would have bought everything. Especially the dress form , its the Best. Sue

  6. Actually I think she might be a "Jolene" and I love everything! Love the little metal and wood side table. I want it! Such fun things. Lucky you!

  7. Wow...this junk journey has to be near the top! Great treasures!

    LOVE your sweet Frenchie. She's gorgeous!

  8. Looks like you had a terrific weekend! I'm jealous of everything you bought! It's all simply georgous...especially the dress form..I would name her Juliette, because she was a Jewel of a find.

  9. Love these finds--especially the thing you are going to use as a magazine rack. Audrey comes to mind for a name, as in Audrey Hepburn!

  10. Your French lady is beautiful. Thank goodness your junk girls had a talk with you. She is awesome! Totally jealous!!! Score. jojo

  11. I want to be a junk girl too! You guys all found great stuff! I love the silver vase and the silver cream pitcher and the dress form and that white table and that scale. and on and on. I think you should name the dress form Joni....just saying...

  12. Well my gosh, that is the best load I have seen in a while!! I am so jealous of it all!! You got some great stuff there missy! Tootles, Janna


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